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Product of the Month

Our Product of the Month for January 2023 is the All New Simrad Fisheries SY50 Compact Omnidirectional Fishfinding sonar, See below for more details or call our office for pricing and availability. 


Simrad SY50 - Kongsberg Maritime



The Simrad SY50 is a small and compact omnidiorectional sonar.

  • The transceiver electronics have been placed inside the cylindrical transducer. This means less cables, less noise and easier installation.
  • The hull unit can be placed on an installation trunk with a diameter of only eight inches. The height of the trunk and the length of the transducer shaft can be adjusted to fit the size of the vessel.
  • The transducer can be lowered to 40 or 60 centimetres below the hull.

The centre operational frequency is 57 kHz, but you can select any operational frequency from 54 to 60 kHz in steps of 0.5 kHz. This frequency range gives you an operating range of up to 2000 metres depending on the acoustic conditions.

The cylindrical multi-element transducer allows the omnidirectional sonar beams to be tilted electronically from +10 to -60° in 1° steps. This permits you to automatically track schools of fish, and to observe the whole water volume around the vessel. A built-in stabilizing system is included for electronic pitch and roll compensation, but you can connect to an external sensor for improved accuracy.